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Delivering your load safe and on time is not our goal but our standard. Our customers can count on the same standard wherever they are, in terms of service quality, innovative and flexible solutions, transparency, and a smart and safe logistical process.

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Trusted by more than 20,000 shippers, buyers, and delivery agents, we are one of the leading online logistics management services. Expanding our reach in more than eight nations around the globe, we have evolved into the de facto expert in this industry.

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Online Booking

Once you book with your entity, date of pick up, ETA goods arrivals, you are able to track your booking as well as seek approval of the order from your Buyer(s) prior dispatch.

PO Management

Your PO number is good enough to know about the whereabout or even plan arrival or receipt of yours goods from anywhere. Once you have entered your PO, it remains in the Master data base for you to use in the reports, and dashboards for your supply chain planning, and measurements.

Track & Trace

Myshipment is secured by multiple layers of cyber security measures. You can retrieve the current status of your consignment simply by providing the MBL/HBL number, PO number or even by your Commercial Invoice number.

Reports & Dashboard

With our easy to use consolidated dashboard, you can graphically visualize all your operations with clickable tabs and identify statistics, correlations and BL status. You can even generate and download several reports concerning vital stages of whole process.


How to create membership in myshipment?

Myshipment user creation is a facility given only to the companies and individuals who have communicated to our Sales/CRM personnel and have a business profile created within our ERP system.Hence this is not a functionality supported by Myshipment.

How to change password of your account?

After logging in, click the settings icon on top right corner of the Homepage, then select the change password option from the settings list.

What do I do if I forgot the password?

There are two ways to reset the password :

  • Click on "Forgot Password" option, right below the credential box.
  • Communicate and ask our Sales/CRM personnel affiliated with you.

How can I ensure if my booking is confirmed?

Whenever a booking is successfully completed a success message is shown, furthermore an auto mail is sent to the user's previously set email address. In addition, Myshipment application also give a notification to the parties affiliated with the order.

How can I know my House Bill number?

After successful completion of the order creation the HBL/HAWB number is provided in the success message. Moreover, you can also find the document number in the email sent for booking confirmation.

Why can't I find a previously created order?

There could be two possible scenarios :

  • You have not selected the proper company from the drop down after logging in, simply change the company name where you made the order from the option bar in top right corner of the page.
  • Another reason could be that you have selected the wrong distribution channel (Sea/Air) and/or wrong division (Export/Import).

How can the previous shipments be found?

All the previous orders made by the user can be found in Last N shipment report, under the Report Management and Documents tab in the upper Menu. menu.

How can I track a shipment in MyShipment ?

Myshipment facilitates four different ways of tracking a shipment :

  • PO wise tracking: Track using the PO number
  • Commercial Invoice wise Tracking: Track using Commercial Invoice number
  • House Bill of Ladding number wise Tracking: Track using HBL/HAWB number
  • MBL number-wise Tracking: Track using MBL/MAWB number

How can I print a report?

When the report is shown in the browser you will find download, print icons. You can either choose to directly print from the browser or you can download it in your local file system and then print.

Why can't I find the Non-negotiable bill of lading?

Non-negotiable bill of lading is not created until the shipment is done if your distribution channel is sea. If your channel is air Non-negotiable bill is created after the shipping order is made.

Is there a user manual for MyShipment?

After you login, click on your id on the top right corner and you will find the provision to download the manual.

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