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Trace & offers multiple ways to search a shipment
* HBL/HAWB number wise
* Container number wise
* PO number wise
* Style number wise
* MobileTracking (Give Link)
Online Booking
*24X7 booking faclilities
*Get instant HBL/HAWB number
*Get booking confirmation through Automail
*Get instant Shipping Order/Commercial Invoice/Packing Listy
* Mother Vessel/Feeder Vessel Schedule
* Bill of Lading(EPB Copy)
* Cargo Stuffing Details
* Freight Cert. and Freight Invoice
* Cargo Acknowledgement Certificate
* CLP(Container Loading Plan)
* Barcoded Shipping Order
* Commercial Invoice
* Packing List
* Lifting Report
Release Order
* 24 x 7 availability – Place Release order/QC online
* Get Release Order/QC report
* Track Release order/QC
PO Management
* Update PO status online
* Track PO
* Prepare Shipment Plan